Writing: The Thinking About Edition

Today’s FMF post was something I mulled over throughout the day. I wrote and linked up last night and this morning had two very encouraging comments.
One was from a blogger whose personal blog I have subscribed to for several months, and for a few years on the (in)courage blog. She visited my blog because I left a comment on hers.
I didn’t realize how encouraging that could be. I have had several nice comments from FMF posts, but don’t have any real blog traffic. I’m just writing to write for now. All that to say that I need to comment more. I think it makes a difference. I know it did for me. Thank you, Kristen.
On a side note, along the thinking avenue, I’ve had a little extra time to think the last few days, as I am in the recovery process of minor eye surgery to repair a very lax muscle that should have been holding up one of my eyelids, but decided it would only do it’s job about half-way. It had been lazy for years, (my parents said it has always been that way), but has started giving out slowly over the last three or so. (What’s up with the 40s?)
Anyway, enough about that.
I would like to write more. My husband (The Blog Engineer) would like me to write more. I think there might be some correlation (thank you spell-checker thingy) between the amount I write and the amount I talk. As in the more, the less. Hmmm…
He is going to help me figure out the avatar/gravatar picture posting aggravation. But I will need to wait for a new picture. Maybe at the end of next week, I’ll post for fun some before and afters. Sleepy and hopefully not-sleepy eye. Don’t worry, no in-betweens. Not happening.
Ugh! I’m back on the eye topic. I guess having stitches can do that to you. 😉
Thinking about writing.
I’m going to search through my old-has-not-been-touched-in-years writing file to see if the suggested profile questions from Mr. Glazier are in there. I would like to add some about faith and relationship to Christ.
1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV, 1984)
“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

Just for fun:

My wee-est one walnut wrangling on Wednesday.

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