Five Minute Friday: Fall

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I worked so hard to make everything safe when they were little. Rubber edges and corners for the fireplace (still have them), the “Slow downs!,” “Be careful!,” “Watch where you’re going!”‘ and on and on.

Then those older three decided to become teens, and the next one almost 10, the next just turned eight and the baby, well, at almost five, he’s not a baby anymore.

I learned that I had to prepare for their fall. They were going to come. Only one broken arm, and that was the girl on our brick kitchen floor, trying to catch her baby brother seven years ago as he started to fall. One set of stitches to the head and one to an arm, one trip for glue to the head.

They fall, I learn to relax, we are getting through this wonderful life together.

They climb trees, I sometimes can’t watch. Skateboarding, bike riding, all good, all scary for mom.

I want to not fear the falls, I want to help them try to avoid what they can and recover from what they can’t. I love my six.


The older three on an outcropping at the South Rim of The Grand Canyon.

The younger three with Daddy, waiting for their big sibs. Some things you have to say no to. That would have been too far too fall!

Joshua 1:9 (NKJV)
“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Fall

  1. My little girl is 5 and if she’s on a minor incline I’m already screaming like a banshee that she’s too high up with the bicycle, or if she climbs anything higher than the footstool I’m ranting that she’s too high to jump… clearly I need to get a life. I was ALWAYS upside down from something way up in the air. I think my mother just chose to not look… I’m going to try and adopt that mentality… but yes… outcrops on the Grand Canyon… NO!!

  2. sometimes we don’t do our kids any favors by protecting them from falling. sometimes the best thing we can do is teach them how to dust themselves up, stand a little taller and try again even if that means risking falling again. but i’m finding the best way to teach my kids that lesson is to make sure i model it for them…

    that’s hard.

  3. WHOA!!! Love the pic of your 3 on the rim, but I already felt my heart pumping fast wanting to shout — STAND BACK! Maybe we as moms ingrain in our kids “beware of the fall.” Maybe that’s when we become comfortable not risking any longer. Oh girl — your words have me thinking, thinking, and thinking. And also — I have to get that trip in to the Canyon.

  4. Here is my Five Minute Friday, There were about 5 years where my boys were trying to insure full employment for the good doctors at Pinnacle Orthopedics. I lost count of how many broken bones that was. They were teens at that point. Those breaks and two torn meniscuses and a torn shoulder cuff was a lot of face time with orthopedists. At one point they told me I could apply for a job and get paid for the amount of time I spent there. Hope your kids stay safe.

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