Let Him Out And Bring Me An Onion

The brothers that prompted the blog title, standing in front of the pantry, where the event occurred…





Those boys…oh, those boys…

The youngest guy, Mr. Paul, the one who did not understand what I meant by “Smile” for the above pictures, is a corker. Type-A all the way, I’m sure that he thinks the world would be a better place if he were allowed to be in charge.
He alternately cracks us up and makes me feel like I’m cracking up. His new way of getting attention for 2013 is to step inside the pantry, which is the area under the stairs, and close the door, thus locking himself in. He then proceeds to yell for me or to yell “Help!” Fortunately he has only done it once or twice a week so far.

Yesterday, when the latest incident occurred, I was chopping onions for taco soup and thought about leaving him for a bit. He was confined after all! But, I thought better of that idea and told his next older brother, Isaac, who is every bit the corker and cracker upper, but in a hyper-Energizer Bunny sort of way, “Let him out and bring me an onion.” I thought that was a good statement. Well, maybe it was more of a command. I mean, he needed to get out and one of the onions I had chosen was bad, so two for the price of one, right?

The Blog Engineer, aka Kyle, was working in the living room and immediately burst out laughing and told me that I needed to use that for a blog title. It was brought up again tonight at dinner. I said I thought I added “please,” but that made him laugh more!

So, there you have it–a peek into dinner preparations, Heironimus-style!

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” Psalm 133:1

ps Sorry I still don’t have the hang of photo placement. It’s on my list for the Blog Engineer 🙂

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