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This is my first time participating in Five Minute Friday. I have always chickened out before. The blog engineer is asleep, so the formatting may not come out perfectly, but I did all of the writing in five minutes. Thank you iPhone timer.
Here it is:


Do my children know that they are cherished. My husband and I work, sometimes better than others, to cherish each other, but I fear that my children do not feel cherished. Loved, yes. Cared for, yes. But cherished? Not so much.
Why? So many, so close, so overwhelming, so unorganized, so impatient, so imperfect, grumpy, lazy, etc. I simply have not taken the time to cherish them. Individually. I so want to change that. Things are better than they were. Definitely. But while I have the time, the short time that they are all still with us, I want to do better.
Psalm 127:3 says that children are a reward, a blessing, a heritage, depending on the version. I truly believe that, I just forget to act on it in the chaotic everyday of live.
Today was a reminder as I took my only daughter to the doctor for a “slight” case of pneumonia in the lower lobe of one lung.
I am reminded every day how fortunate we are to be able to care for our son with diabetes.
Six beautiful, unique, creative, wonderful blessings.
They are cherished.
Oh, they are cherished.
I am going to show them just how much.

Play dough, painting, Legos, deep, theological talks…whatever it takes.


On the bridge at Fassnight Park in early June.

    (Photo added after I did the writing! )

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