Another Baking Day

Today was to be get-rid-of-lots-of-clothes-and-get-the-keepers-back-in-the-attic day. I started that project, but soon tired of it and moved on to a more interesting project: baking!!

Actually, a large stock pot of kale chowder for dinner tomorrow and a freezer meal was made first, then the baking.
Baking summary:
The afternoon started with rolling out five pizza crusts for dinner, while listening to a Focus on the Family about strong-willed children;
then a 9 x 13 pan of pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing for tomorrow’s dessert, while listening to another Focus, this time about fighting fair in marriage;
followed by two loaves of bread to go with soup for lunch and dinner tomorrow and the second fighting fair program and finally;
the batter for cranberry-nut muffins, to be baked in the morning for breakfast, while listening to a Simple Mom podcast.
I also boiled 20 eggs and did about half of the dishes, Luke and Kyle helped with the rest.
This will probably be all the baking I do until after Thanksgiving, so I hope my “fix” lasts that long!

The bread:


(Yea!! My first photo, thanks to a tutorial from the Blog Engineer!)

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