Baking Day

My inspiration for baking:
Two boys, who shall remain anonymous, were having trouble being quiet and still during rest time, so I decided chocolate cupcakes would be in order for snack. It was amazing at the difference in their behavior when they found out what they might miss.
After all, treats are only for those that cooperate. Harassing Mommy usually means you get to skip snack or get a less-appealing alternative.
Why make only one batch, when you can double it and put some in the freezer? I went to work making the chocolate batter and as I was getting the milk, I saw leftover oatmeal that Adam made this morning. I also I found some on the shelf behind it. It was leftover from the middle of last week and since tomorrow is muffin morning and I didn’t want to get into my freezer stash of pineapple coffee cake muffins I made last week, I made oatmeal muffins.
(I did check the fridge for any other surprises. Fortunately, there was nothing green that wasn’t supposed to be and no other surprises!)
I will share recipes for the oatmeal and pineapple coffee cake muffin recipes and the chocolate cupcakes and icing.
One of these days, I will figure out how to add pictures when the Blog Engineer has time to help. Lots of time. To show me over and over and over. And lots of patience.
This post is for him 😉

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