Spiritual Fuel

For some time, I have desired the fellowship and accountability of a group of women. In past churches I had had that opportunity, but have been without for almost seven years.
Last winter I met a new friend who is involved in a Bible study group (CBS) in the Dallas, TX area. Her excitement about the group inspired me to look into options in our area. CBS doesn’t have a group here and the studies that were available at other local churches really didn’t seem like they would meet the needs of a homeschooling family.
I had my hopes up and felt discouraged when my prayers weren’t answered immediately.
So, I prayed a little more, waited a little longer and forgot about it for awhile.
Then, in the spring, I was reacquainted with the Good Morning Girls ministry and signed up for a Proverbs 31 study.
When I had heard of the GMG group last year, they were in the middle of a study so I didn’t pursue it and moved on. This time, I felt it may be the answer to my prayers.
I was hopeful and figured out how to sign up for a home school group on their forums (technology genius that I am!) and am currently participating in the fall study of Colossians with the same group of ladies, though some are sitting out this time and participating in studies with their local churches. Some may be able to join us for the next study on Advent.
My group has been such a blessing and encouragement to me. I appreciate their insights into the scriptures, their love of Jesus and their prayers for me and my family.
My prayers have been answered in an unexpected and unconventional way, impatient though I was. Lesson learned.